About Us

We are a small team and we are very client-focused.
What we do best is to deliver our customers highly customized products and services.


Fábio holds a BA in Arts and Multimedia from IPBeja. He worked in the public and private sector in the Alentejo region until he decided to start as a freelancer in INCastro, Centro de Ideias e Negócios.
A fan of Sporting Lisbon, he has had two rock bands, he likes to play playstation, to travel, to practice BTT and to collect wine. He’s the creative of Weblime!

In a huge market with plenty of offer, we try to have an edge by our creativity, professionalism and good taste.

About Weblime

Weblime was born is 2016. It resulted as a fusion of two freelance projects in the fields of software development and design.

In the three years we have been in business, we consulted and helped several kinds of companies from the tourism sector to medical services, also doing some work for wine companies, public sector and more.

Mostly we develop software, we do design and we build strategical marketing plans. We are both a service and product company. Our DNA consists in clean and comprehensible designs, open source technology and modern digital marketing tools. We live in constant learning, a quality we find essential to stay in business these days.
Our two main drives are: an happy customer and to enjoy the projects we deliver.